Passing the halfway point happened without fanfare. The realization that I’ve already been at this for six months came well past the actual date.

I still don’t have a clear definition for this project. Or even what it is exactly – experiment might be a better label or maybe it could even be called an approach. Still it’s become clear that the 366 has made it possible to examine my photography from a new vantage point. It cements certain preferences and habits while redefining or removing others. Documenting the day to day still feels like the core of my current shooting and that has fit well within the project.

Something that also triggered the project was wanting to become more comfortable shooting film. This has definitely succeeded. I rarely worry about technical aspects anymore and feel confident shooting film in most situations I encounter.

I also have a more nuanced view on the pros and cons of shooting film. It introduces friction in certain parts of the workflow and removes it at other points – if the net is a positive or negative depends on both situation, habits and frame of mind. Overall I’ve enjoyed photography more shooting film – it makes more sense to me at the moment, is more fun and each image feels more crafted – though I remain unconvinced that it makes me a better photographer or that the results are necessarily objectively better.

Despite shooting fewer frames I think I’ve gotten as many keepers as I would’ve on digital. Still there are situations when I miss the strengths of digital – the quickness of it, the possibility of chimping, that the cost of pressing the shutter is zero. Oddly whenever I shoot digital now it somehow feels hollow.

As for June specifically it was a memorable month. While busy there was still time for meeting friends, visiting the amusement park Gröna Lund as well as a trip to celebrate midsummer with friends & family in southern Sweden.

As for gear I stuck with the simple approach from May – shooting exclusively at 35mm. Either with the Leica M4-P and the ZM 35/2 or with the Olympus XA. And while I still miss the dynamics of shooting different focal lengths I like the consistency. I feel that each piece of kit performed its respective role very well.

With that – June summarized.







































366 – Project summary

Shot using the Leica M4-P & either Kodak Portra 400 or Fuji Pro 400H. Or using the Olympus XA & Fuji Superia 400. Everything was developed by Team Framkallning and scanned by me on the Plustek 8200i.