The parking lot is beginning to empty as I pull the headlight out of its socket. I feel in the dark for the power cable and pry it loose.

There’s a few hours left to go on the deep forest roads and too dark to go with only one light working. I lift the blown bulb out of the holder and put in a fresh one. Good to go – back on the road.

We’ve spent the last few weeks of the year traveling to visit family. Driving for hours on end across the country to spend a little time at a lot of places. The time on the road isn’t particularly enjoyable, but arriving at each place makes it worth while.

It feels like a fitting end to the year. Like a lot of the year before it the month was busy and frustrating with creative and technical challenges, but somehow I still managed to make a few images that I really like.


The first few weeks felt mostly about preparing for the last ones. A busy yet mundane few weeks. Still we managed to carve out some time with friends. An outing to the Tramway Museeum was an unexpected highlight.


Our daughter began walking over night. An amazing thing to witness. The last visit to her favorite playground during my parental leave felt more ambivalent.

I shot the Leica M4-P, Summicron 35 ASPH and Superia as is now usual. I also put half a roll through the Olympus mju II and a handful of images are from the compact.

The weeks with family went by at a blistering pace. A blur of moments on the move, at familiar and unfamiliar places. A night at a hotel, walking someone else’s dog, gifts, coffee shops, christmas decorations, restaurants.

Spending time with my grandmother was heartwarming. Seeing the bond between her and my daughter grow is a privilege.


We made sure to send the year off with a bang. A lavish dinner, music, festive lights, dancing and some fireworks.

So this is it. The last monthly entry for this project is drawing to a close. I’ll get back to summing up the project and my thoughts on it separately. But for now, this is the end.

December, it’s been a pain and pleasure –














366 – Project summary

Shot on the Leica M4-P or Olympus mju II using Fuji Superia 400. Everything was developed by Team Framkallning and scanned by me on the Plustek 8200i.